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Thread: shake that weight newbie

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    shake that weight newbie

    Hi all.
    I'm on my 4th day on shake that weight. This is the first time ever doing a shake diet, I have done weight watchers and slimming world. But it got too expensive buying in the food and feel like I was eating all the time.
    So since I left my day job to do my business full time. My food lifestyle went out of the window. Hated eating during the day as I was working on orders (contamination) so I would live on diet Pepsi to curb my hungry and a big bowl of cereal and then at night would catch up and eat during the evening with no excerise so going to bed with a full tummy.

    So my body expanded and I began to hide. Hating dropping my kid off school having nice weather and I'm hiding in my coat. So I was wanted to do something where I can eat during the day and work and not worry about food on my fingers. So I choose this. Was hard going from big meals to liquid but so far I'm enjoying the flavours. Just finished my chocolate shake through a straw and I was scared I wasn't going to like it. But I do!
    Simply gorgeous and the caramel on too!
    Do you have a favourite?

    Thanks for reading!
    Clean slate - starting again.
    No weighs ins measuring by dress size.
    Wish me luck!

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    Hi neveragain

    I'm on day 1 and the chocolate is my fav so far lol

    I've got a huge sweet tooth so hoping this diet is the one for me, I did Cambridge last year but only stuck to it for 10 days and felt to I'll
    I'm hoping this one works better for me a you can have a small meal

    How you finding it? X
    Lisa xx

    Start date: Thursday 9th May 2013

    Start Weight: 19 Stone 2lb

    Week 1: 18.6lb -10lb loss!!
    Week 2:
    Week 3:
    Week 4:
    Week 5:
    Week 6:

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    Hiya, I'm starting shake that weight (4shakes) how are you getting on xxx

    Sent from my SM-G900F using mobile app
    WEEK 1: -9LB
    WEEK 2: -4LB
    WEEK 3: -5LB =1stone4lb
    WEEK 4: -3LB
    WEEK 5: -4LB
    WEEK 6: -3LB =2stone
    I am half way.....only 2 stone to go
    WEEK 7: -3LB
    WEEK 8: -4LB
    WEEK 10: -+8LB(ON HOLIDAY)
    had a fab time on hols, now bak to strict LT !!!
    Bought weeks worth of sachets but was really-really ill for week then NO MONEY!!!! GRRRRR have to stop here for now......will be bak!!! x
    Day 1 Weigh in.......
    12st 2
    WEEK 1: 7LB

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