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Thread: Shake that weight, lipotrim, Exante, Slim & Save etc Grrr which one?

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    Shake that weight, lipotrim, Exante, Slim & Save etc Grrr which one?

    I'm currently on day 3 of exante but can't stomach the meals. Spag bol - I nearly threw up! Which one has the best tasting meals at a decent cost? X

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    It's trial and error slim and save is cheap but Exante is the cheapest out of all of the VLCD's I'm currently on Cambridge and that's an average of 45 a week.

    best of luck.
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    Hi, I've tried slim and save, exante and lipotrim and am now using Shake That Weight. Exante was the cheapest but as you say the meals were horrid, so I didn't look forward to eating them.
    Shake that weight is 33-35 a week depending id you bulk buy.There is porridge, shakes, soups and treat bars and I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone I've had so far. The porridge took a while to get used to, I now add a few froze raspberries to it and look forward to it in the morning. I would like it to have a meal, spag bol or pasta, but the exante diet put me off those!
    Lipotrim is very similar, costs 36 a week but you need to visit your pharmacy weekly to weigh in and collect it. Good if you need to be counselled but as I know what Im doing, I'd rather just do it myself.
    I would recommend Shake that Weight.

    Good luck

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