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Thread: New to VLCD - Started today

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    New to VLCD - Started today

    Hi everyone,

    I'm starting a VLCD today and I'm on here for support and advice. I'm not officially following any official plan right now. I've been given some 'slim'n'save' products by a friend at work. Probably about 13 days worth but a lot are bars, so probably more like 10 days. I think I am supposed to keep calories between 600-800 per day. I think I'm going to aim for the higher end of the scale and 800-900 per day. I have a 8.5month daughter and she really does keep me busy. I take her for a long walk each day and the rest of the day I'm constantly on the go with her.

    In about a week, if I'm finding it all okay I'm going to order some more products. I've heard exante is a good option, I can stick with sns or something else. I thought about doing it the healthy way and buying everything fresh and doing my own vlcd but I'm struggling with time and willpower.

    So that's it.....I've began. Had a Minty Chocolate shake. Got a bar in the freezer for later. Wish me luck.....

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    Keep at it, once yr in ketosis then it's so much easier. I've done sns, Cambridge and ex ante in my time. I think sns can't be beat with regard to taste and choice. I think they also came out cheaper than the other 2, the last time I checked. I'm not a rep! I just like their products. Keep up the good work

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    Whatever you do, don't try Billies Diet... one word... yuk! After doing a little shopping online I came accross there website and it was the cheapest of all the diet plans I had been browsing on and after having a difficult month financially I decided to take the plunge. BIG MISTAKE!

    The shakes tasted like powder and the selection wasnt as great. I think with following SandS beforehand though, it was something to compare to.

    I agree with angie, slimandsaves packs are far more better.

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    How's today gone? I started today too, Shake that Weight, had porridge, chicken soup and banana shake. Definitely not hungry, it is just habit that got me thinking I wanted goodies at 8pm! I got a pint of sparkling water instead 👍

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