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Thread: When to weigh in?

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    When to weigh in?

    Hi All

    Bit of a query here - when do you all weigh yourselves?

    Everyone I know says the morning is best etc etc but when I was at Slimming World, we did it in the evening obviously.

    What are your thoughts?


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    hi emd25,

    I also used to weigh in the evenings with slimming world. However now doing it alone I weigh in the mornings, as assuming on empty stomach I will weigh less

    However I guess as long as you stick to the same time I don't think it matters too much.

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    I always weigh in the morning at roughly the same time, and after I've been to the loo, not because I'm lighter then, but because I think that gives the least variables i.e. I'll vary less with water weight, with how much I've eaten that day (as I won't yet have eaten anything), with how much has emptied that day (as I'd think I'd have digested everything overnight and got rid of the waste - sorry if tmi!).

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