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Thread: Friday weigh in

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    Friday weigh in

    Hello all I am new here and though i would Make a Friday weigh in.
    Here is my story so far
    I started Battling My weight since i was about 13 to 14 years of age When i Graduated In 2002 I was 175 lbs.after i graduated High school My weight went down to 165 lbs with Excersize and eating Right. My Mother ad i tried a diet and lost 30 pounds in three months.Than in 2004 my weight had hit an all time Record high of 195 lbs. I met A Really sweet Kind Caring Guy and in march of 2005 we started dating and than 3 days later we moved in together. My weight hit 205 lbs,YIKES i was Now considered
    Obes My weight Kept Going up and up and up. in 2006 My Boyfriend Proposed to me the night before new years eve While we were Cuddling. In 2007 We moved in to Our own home in 2010 my weight hit 230 pounds. My fiance and I were starting to worry as he was gaining weight too. In 2012 I started looking for ways to lose weight as i had now hit a high weight of 250 pounds. Everything we tried seemed to not be working,we tried eating less or even smaller portions. I remember the day in 2013 when i weighed myself I looked at the scale and it said 265 pounds. I even went to the doctors to See what they Recommended i do to lose weight,the only thing they would said is massive amounts of Excersice and eating healthier. I started to lose a pound or two I got down to 250 lbs than my weight loss stopped. I tried another diet and i got down to 235 lbs. In January of this year My fiance Discovered that we were Carb Intolerance. Our daily meals Consisted of Mostly Noodles and Starchy,high high high carb Things and also The amount of Pastry's and things we were eating,We did not know that this is what was causing us to gain weight until my Fiance found a low carb high fat diet. We started this diet together and we are still doing this as a couple. In the last 10 months i have went from a bra size of 42DD to a 38D,i have went from a size 22 pants down to a size 14 jeans and a shirt size of Large. my Fiance was 261lbs and he is now down to 229 lbs,I was 235 lbs i am now down to 202. I have lost a total of 33 lbs and my Fiance has lost a total of 32 lbs. I am very Proud of My fiance for losing the amount of weight he has lost this far,I am also very proud of my self For Losing 33 lbs this far. I bought a cheer leading uniform For a tournament i am going to on the 7th of November I can proudly wear it cause i will be able to fit it by than

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    Start Date: 11/19/14
    Start Weight: 204.7lb
    Current Weight: 204.6lb
    Goal Weight: 139lb
    Goal Date: ASAP!

    Total Weight Loss: 0.099999999999994lb
    Weight to Lose: 65.6lb
    % Lost 0.05%
    I will join you on Friday. I am 204.7 today.

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