I'm a Slimming World Newbie, who started her weight loss journey for the first time a fortnight ago.

I'm trying to take others' advice on looking at this as a healthier way of eating, rather than a 'diet' - I don't think I realised just how bad my way of life was until now - it's been quite an eye-opener.

So, I was really nervous yesterday about my first WI result, to the point of not feeling that hungry most of the day, but I managed a 4.5lb loss !

I'm really pleased, and it's offered some reassurance to this sceptic that the plan really works! My partner has also been following the same diet, for the most part, and he reckons he's lost 3.5lb (in spite of the odd Chinese takeaway he's been having!). He's not officially joining group until after his birthday at the start of February, but we're both really pleased with the results we're seeing!

Now, I just need to learn to be a better cook. . .