HI all I doubt there is anyone here that remembers me from the first time round. I lost 6st in2009/2010 on the Cambridge diet became a counselor for a while gave it up went through some ups and downs, have a very stressful job for 3 years and here I am again .

Its my fault at the end of the day, I can blame shift work at a children's home and I can blame the stress of the job for comfort eating but I made the bad choices that ended me back on meal replacement shakes.

Anyway here I am on day 4, I am dong 2 keediet low carb (like Cambridge/lighter life) shakes for brekkie and lunch, then a low carb meal after I have done 30 mins uphill walking on the treadmill. I am 2lbs down so far , I am blogging and keeping this diary as it really helped me last time. The forum doesn't seem to be as chatty as last time or maybe its just me.

I have a huge pile of Jeans ranging from 20-14 and I will be making my way through them as I lose weight.

I have a christening this weekend and we are staying in a hotel so its going to be hard for me to stick to it this weekend, so instead of trying to stick to it and then guilt binging when I can't. I am having a planned break where I will make good low carb choices and enjoy a slice of cake should I feel like it, I am hoping to control my dieting this time not just trick myself if that makes sense.