Im 19 years of age 5"5, 13st 2lbs and a size 12-14.. 2 years ago I was 10st 8 and a size 8-10. I got in a relationship and what do you know I put on 3st constantly stuffing my face with junk food &take aways. I am really determined to go back to being 10st but I need some structure. I simply dont know what to eat and what to stay away from? I live with my father who eats take aways every single day. I have tried time and time again to diet and exercise, but recently I have just had this wave of determination, I've started going on 30 min walk/jogs and doing squats not eating junk food and strictly quenching my thirst with water. But I want to do more... My goal is to have lost AT LEAST 2st 7lbs by July 2014!