Hello all.

2014 is going to be different. It has to be. I'm 25 years old and I have always been overweight for most of my childhood and now adulthood too.

I'm fed up of going on a diet and never sticking with it long enough to reap the rewards. But most of all, I'm sick of being judged by the way I look (for my size).

I have been on almost every diet. ALMOST. I've never tried Atkins. So now I'm going to try the Atkins diet. I'm not sure why the diet is so controversial.

So to equip myself I have ordered all the relevant books and I'm going to read up once the books arive so that I can start the diet on the right footing armed with the knowledge to succeed.

According to the Atkins website I have a hell of alot of weight to lose.

So although I would love to have quick visible results (I now accept there is no such thing), I will be starting this diet with one key aim to stick to dieting regardless of any relapses.

I've never used journals whilst dieting so I will use this website to post my thoughts, my feelings, my updates and any progress of which I hope there is lots.

So to reiterate the title of this post my mission for 2014 is to stick to a diet.

I hope and pray I have the strength to do this.

Heres to a new and empowered me...