Hi my names Sarah and I’m a chocoholic “ Hi Sarah”.

I’m 30 years old and am getting married in July 2014, i have a stone and a bit to lose before I’m dress ready. I’ve decided to keep a diary of my progress to keep myself from giving up and hoping the peer pressure of people reading my ramblings will help me get rid of these last pesky lbs.

I started losing weight in August 2013 for a family wedding and have continued to do so and have so far lost just under 2 stone. My weight yo-yos and I find my body gets used to diets/exercise quickly causing a stop in weight loss and can be at a standstill for weeks while I try new things… annoying!!!

I also have a “look at a pizza, gain 5lbs” issue.

I’ve never been obese but I’ve certainly spent a large portion of my 20’s overweight. I got comfortable with my fiancé and as a result my weight ballooned to 10’4lbs… it might not seem much but I’m 5ft ½ inch tall (that ½ inch is very important to me) so any kind of weight gain looks major- my face looked like a hamster, my comfy jeans were no longer comfy, and my fiancés t shirts fit me perfectly- that’s never good. I decided to join a gym- 6 months membership cause I knew I’d give up… and I did. I then got a new job which pushed me to walk a mile there and back 5 days a week and voila, the weight started coming off “YAY”. By the time my goal of our NYC holiday came I’d managed to lose 1 stone 4 lbs, still not my goal weight but much better and healthier… then I got pregnant!!!

During my pregnancy with my beautiful son I shovelled in as much chocolate as I possibly could. I would spend £5 a day on goodies on my way home from work and demolish the lot by bedtime. How the hell neither of us got diabetes I’ll never know! It’s bad I know, I also ate some good stuff (not much but there’s a reason which I’ll explain in a bit), took vitamins, drank loads of water etc and my son was born – overdue- perfectly healthy. However my 9 stone had turned into 12’6lb, heavier than my 6 ft fiancé!!! Our son was only 7lb 10oz… meaning my Willy Wonker style chocolate addiction had taken it’s toll.

I had a rough time at the beginning of my sons life, I had an EMCS- which hindered my exercise for a while and not being at work meant I was always popping into the kitchen to see what I could find, add to that sleep deprivation and stress of a newborn all equalled to very very slow weight loss and 10 months later I was only back to 10’4lbs… but a photo of me on facebook looking horrendous triggered in my brain that determination again to get to the skinny mini I always wanted to be.

By the wedding in August 2013 I was 9’6lbs, not great but almost photo worthy… I still hid at the back lol. And come Christmas just gone (2013) I’ve managed to get another stone off bringing my Christmas day weight to 8’6lbs… well below my pre pregnancy weight (another “YAY”). Obviously the season of munch has taken it’s toll and as I’m writing this I’m 3lbs heavier…oops.

I’m going to go back to being as Gluten Free (I have a dodgy Gall Bladder) as possible, I allow myself a small bit of chocolate from time to time teehee. I also walk all the way home from work 5 days a week (4 miles…eek)and will walk to work as soon as it gets lighter in the mornings. I used to run home (crazy fool) but I noticed my weight loss was much slower doing this so went to back to brisk walking which is much more effective. I want to be 7’7lbs by my wedding in July so have a way to go yet… watch this space.

Piccies to follow.