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Thread: 125lbs in 12 months - can it be done?

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    125lbs in 12 months - can it be done?

    I hope so, because that's why I'm here.

    I have always been a "big girl" and I've always maintained that I was ok with that. But I wasn't. I'm not. Like many women, I've dieted before. Atkins, calorie counting, paleo, fasting, VLCD, etc. I've even looked into bariatric surgery, but decided it wasn't right for me. But it wasn't until after a really sucky 2013 that I resolved to change for good this time.

    I've thrown aside all the faddy diets in favour of a clean eating version of Weight Watchers. I like the ProPoints method over calorie counting because firstly, I like my fruit & veggies and I want to avoid the feelings of guilt that come with going over a set calorie allowance by eating some grapes or a few extra carrot sticks, and secondly, I like that it takes into account the protein, fat & carb content rather than just calories. But I'm also cutting out as much sugar, refined carbs and processed food as possible, and opting for fresh fruit, veggies, lean protein and good carbs with plenty of water thrown in for good measure.

    In my first week, I lost 13lbs. In my second week, I seem to have gained 2lbs of that back. Disaster, right? Seeing the scales go back up has stressed me out and reduced me to tears, but after plenty of Googling and logical thinking, I'm now assuming it's because some of the 13lbs was water and my body readjusting itself accounts for the gain. My second official weigh in is tomorrow, but after that I am going to put the scales away for two weeks to focus on good eating habits rather than what the scales say. If, at the end of those two weeks, I still haven't lost, I'll just have to reevaluate what I'm doing and make a few adjustments.

    2014 is going to be the year I refuse to give up. No matter what, I will stick to this. Because I do not want to look back next at the start of 2015 and realise I've wasted yet another year of my life doing nothing about my weight problem.

    I have another diary under the WeMITTS section of the forum, but I know that's pretty specific and most people won't venture in there, so I'm posting here for additional support, encouragement and the occasional kick up the backside.

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    Good luck .. You can do it!

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    well done to you. my aim for this year is 100 lbs (but that nagging bossy voice in the head says MORE lol) and 63lbs next year, i refuse to say i am a diet and i am just being extra good and trying to fall back in love with exercise

    how was your weigh in, was it yesterday? i would love to throw the scales away but i cant live without knowing! i lost 5lbs last week and its my weigh day tomorrow, fingers crossed.

    keep going you can do it - 2014 will be a fab year

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