HI Everyone,

Im turnng 30 in August and I want to reach my goal I have 163 DAYS TO LOSE 61LBS!!

You can follow me on a picture app which is well known ( wont let me put the name lol) #wannabeslimb430 to see my meal pictures Please add me if you do go on there and i'll follow you

Hope to make friends in the process as we can all do this ladies and gents

A little about me... recently been diagnosed with borderline coeliac disease so I will be following a gluten free diet. Ive been advised to limit the gluten in my diet due to painful IBS Symptoms.

Day 1

x2 Genius seeded toast with organic crunchy peanut butter

Salad with avocado. Chicken breast in nando medium rub

x2 Sainsburys gluten free sausages. Sweet Potato + roasted veg in homemade tomato sauce.

Snacks - Graze Dragons Nest. Bananna. Vegetable crisps 50g

Drinks - Sparkling water. Camomile tea x2. Gingerbread Latte (nescaffe). Skimmed latte with sugar free vanilla. Water