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Thread: Lets do this .....

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    Lets do this .....

    Decided to create a diary so I can track my progress and hopefully identify what works for me and what causes slop ups. (Hopefully won't be many of those)

    I'm A 44 year old female , who at my heaviest weighed 18st 6 lb's. Have been a yoyo dieter / binge / emotional eater since my teens .
    At my last attempt , I Managed to get down to 10stone 3 and kept it off for a while however over the last year it has crept back up to 12st 7 argghhhh. This is mainly down to working away , being lazy and just basically slipping back into bad habits.
    I'm now at a stage where most of my nice clothes don't fit me and I'm dragging out some of the old ones )0:
    Started this diet on Saturday, so far so good , but know the challenge will be when I go back to work tomorrow - I have a pretty stressful job and work daft hours !! But know if I don't nail this now in another years time , I will be we in my way back to square one !!

    So things I need to do :-

    Prepare food for work - too easy to grab 'rubbish' between meetings
    Eat proper food - fresh veg instead of ready meals
    Get my backside back down the gym / swimming. Again - I have no excuse, it's open til 10pm
    Keep track of my progress in diary

    Weigh in s will be Friday mornings - so best get off my backside and borrow my bruvs dog and go for a long walk - it's a start and gym is shut today !!

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    Diet: Shake That Weight
    Height: 5ft8in
    Start Date: 4th May 2015
    Start Weight: 18st11lb
    Current Weight: 18st1lb
    Goal Weight: 10st12lb
    Goal Date: 31st October 2015

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 40
    Current BMI: 38.5
    Goal BMI: 23.1

    Total Weight Loss: 0st10lb
    Weight to Lose: 7st3lb
    % Lost 3.8%
    Good luck on your journey. You have done so well previously that Iam ssure you can do this. Well done for stopping things from escalating any further. I too have been up and down but have always been a stone or so away from goal then pile it back on. This time I want to reach goal for good. Xx

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    Thanks Martine. Good luck with your goals. (0: x

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