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Thread: Getting Back on Track...

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    Diet: Healthy Eating & Exercise (for life)
    Height: 5ft6in
    Start Date: 12/01/12
    Start Weight: 16st1lb
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    Goal Date: 01/04/15

    BMI Information:
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    Talking Getting Back on Track...

    This is my second time round with MiniMins. My old diary, which I've just wrapped up, is '36lb til Sky Dive!' which should tell you where I've been.

    Long story short, after a finding relationship bliss, followed by a short bout of health-related depression, I've gone up from 13st to 14st again, and I'm determined this time to get down to a very healthy 10st and I'm determined to stay there! The weight isn't even as important to me as my health. Sure, I'd like to fit in clothes better, but I'd really like to get into the best shape of my life. I just turned 30, and I want to be able to see my 100th birthday if at all possible!

    My Goals

    • Reach my target weight of 10st by 01/04/2015 (going my dream holiday to Japan).
    • Get into the best shape of my life
    • Feel good about wearing a bikini (still have never worn one publicly).
    • Maintain, maintain, maintain!

    My Plan
    • I am still determined not follow any particular diet plan, that what I'm trying to achieve needs to be a life plan. Clean eating for the most part with no self denial.
    • Start Slim in 6 workout
    • Cycle to work every day
    • Go hiking at least once a month
    • Start taking long walks again, train as though doing the West Highland Way (I plan to do that eventually).
    • Use MyFitnessPal and DailyBurn apps to track food and exercise progress, to hold myself accountable.
    • Weigh in every 2 weeks, again to hold myself accountable.

    My Challenges
    • Getting off this plateau and start losing again.
    • Find a new hula hoop class (my teacher went travelling and hasn't come back!)
    • Getting a new bike.
    • Getting out of some negative habits that have crept back in.
    • Motivating myself to work out in the morning.
    • Making sure my other half doesn't buy food that is detrimental to the plan.

    A great positive is that I've just taught my other half how to ride a bike (he was ill a lot when he was young, so never learned), and I've finally got myself a bike after my last one was stolen 10 years ago. We can go cycling together! Yay!!! I'm actually so excited about that, it's ridiculous. ^^

    Here's to setting off again on the right foot!

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    Welcome back;-) you have great plan and goals! I wish you all the best. Will be glad to read your successful posts;-)

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    Awww wow this sound like a diary i want to follow. U sound so determined and have a foolproof plan = bingo!

    I'd love to cycle but I just dont feel safe on the busy roads around here which is a shame. A few friends of mine went to Japan this year and said it was the best place they have ever been so you'll love it.

    I look forward to reading ur updates. I'll check out ur last diary sometime x

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