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Thread: My weight loss journey!

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    My weight loss journey!

    I started SW on 28/05/15 with the hope of losing at least 22lbs. Nearly 1 week in and I have to admit I'm struggling to get my head around everything!

    22lbs might not seem a lot to some people but to me it's going to signal some big changes. I am currently, well as of last Tuesday, 11st 10lbs. Not big I hear you say, but at 5ft 3 and 24 years old, it's put me in the overweight category. Just a few months ago I was in the obese category (I've lost a good few stone in the past few months or so), so I've done well

    My whole reason for doing this, it hasn't bothered me in the slightest in the past, is since having my son 14 months ago the back pain I have suffered for years has been worse, due to picking him up and carrying him. I feel useless when my back gets sore because I can't lift him or carry him for long without being in agony! As a single parent, he relies on me to be fit and well all the time. The back pain I get is due to having a 34K chest size! I developed early and didn't stop growing!

    After years of pain, I am finally being put forward for breast reduction surgery once my BMI goes to what it should be! It'll be amazing if I can get down to target and be rid of the pain and I simple can't afford to spend 40-60 on a new bra every few months.

    Have my first weigh in this Tuesday, 05/05/15, dreading it but hoping it's went down!

    So here goes nothing! Good luck everyone on your own journeys

    28/04/15 Started SW. Weight 11st 10lbs.

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    Hi hope slimming world is going well , hope you had a good weigh in x

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