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Thread: Just one more scone and then the diet begins...

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    Just one more scone and then the diet begins...

    Dear all, or should I start...Dear Diary.
    I have been a lurker on minimins for about a year.

    I stood next to my daughter on her prom night in June last year. I took a photo....and well, to be frank I almost didn't recognise myself.... it is scary. I looked like a blown up cartoon character of myself.

    I began thinking about dieting in earnest, I scoured dieting websites, in fact, if the amount of hours spent reading posts on here equated to calories lost I would be a very slim person by now.

    This site is full of then why oh why didn't I start this last year? Lack of commitment but full of best intentions. I have no excuses.

    I have just sat at the table eating scones made by one of my daughters and talking about next years prom. So.... I have 12 months to lose weight. No more lurking. No more excuses. This is it.

    I am not good at being weighed in public, I weighed myself and I am 13st 13lb's. It doesn't help that I was last in line for the tall genes (5ft 5ish), if I was 5ft 8 I could probably carry the weight much better :-). I don't think I can do the Slimming World/Weightwatchers....I am a chicken.
    Instead I am going to try and reduce calories to approx 1400 a day, and obviously not use all 1400 on chips :-).

    I am going to walk to work approx twice per week (not quite an Antarctica trek....more like a 1 mile hike)

    I have set a realistic mini goal of 12 stone 3lbs by the end of term..... July 21st.

    I am hoping this is doable.

    So please Minimins readers help me to stay on the straight and narrow. Please kick my metophorical bottom if I don't shape up. I have to do this.

    Mini goal. Get into anything size 18
    Mini goal. Be able to wear a pair of size 16 jeans
    Mini goal. Weigh 12 stone 3lbs by the end of term.... 8 weeks...3lb per week (ish)
    Long term able to wear something size 12 to stand by my daughter on her prom day May 2016.

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    Hey well done for posting! If it's taken you a year then it's probably a big deal!!

    Good luck to you with your diet! I'm sure you will do really well! It's good that you've given yourself a year to do it and set mini goals too - they'll keep you focused, and the end won't seem far away. Walking to work will help too. I wish I could but it takes half an hour to drive!!

    Do you have a calorie counting app? I use my fitness pal and it tells me how many calories to eat if I want to lose a certain amount of weight each week. It's not exact but it keeps me on track.

    Are you going to write what you eat every day on here? Good luck once again-you can do this!!

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