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Thread: Can't seem to fine extra lean mince...

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    Can't seem to fine extra lean mince...

    I was looking for extra lean mince the other day to make spaghetti bolognese, but the best I could find was lean mince :-/

    According to the points tracker lean mince has a pp value of 6 points??

    If I am doing filling & healthy I take it I need to deduct this value from my weeklies?

    Also, the 2 tsp of healthy oil- is that only allowed in the first week is simple start? Then has to be counted the rest of the time?

    i won't be having mince often, especially if I can't find the extra-lean.

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    Extra lean is usually a very small pack and expensive, I think when I did sf ppl would count the lean as free but just make sure they tipped away all the fat whilst cooking, I haven't done ss but I would have thought u would need the oil for that too as it is just sf just they r saying instead of having 49 weeklies u can just pick 2 treats, hope this helps :-D

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    -water 43.9%
    -BMI 37.2

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    -bum 46"
    -hips 41"
    -left leg 26"
    -left arm 14"

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    week 7-
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    week 9-
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    get to 12.7
    get into 11's
    get to 11.7
    get into 10's
    get to 10.7
    get into 9's
    get to 9.7
    get into 8's
    get to 8.7
    get into 7's
    get to 7.7 goal (healthy weight according to nhs chart).

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    I don't use the extra lean mince as it's very expensive,I use lean mince, I dry fry my mine the I drain it in a colander a squeeze out all of the fat before returning it to the pan.

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    Asda and Tesco I can usually find this in!

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    Asda is 4 pound for 500g pack or 7 pound for two packs x

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