Hello iv decided to start a new diary! :-) I joined ww 2 weeks ago I weigh on a wed night. The first week I did the new plan and lost 1lb, the next week I stuck to my pro points and stayed the same. This week I'm starvingggg and feel like giving up so thought best to start a diary.

I weigh 10.1 my first mini goal is 9.7 I haven't been able to get under 10 stone in over 2 years the weight just won't shift so any help will be welcomed :-) The last 2 days iv done simply filling and even when I'm full just want to snack constantly...
Lola x

Spinning +6
Shredded wheat & banana
Pepsi max & ww sweets (1)
Tuna mayo (1) salad flat bread & soup
Pickled onions
Bacon, toms, beans, eggs, mushrooms & crumpets
Ww bar (2) & rice thins (3)

=7 weeklies


Porridge & skim milk
Ham flatbread, salad, mayo (1), apple & snack a jacks (2)
WW sweets (1)
Chicken breast, bacon & lentil soup
Homemade cookie (10)
1/2 salt n pepper chips (10)

= 31 weeklies Oh why did I have to eat after my tea tonight! :-(