Hi all.

I am in my first week of Weight Watchers, currently on Simple Start.
My week so far seemed to be going ok, until I realised I had mis-read the food list and that the low fat cheese that I had been eating (as well as two extra treats per day) wasn't on the list!! (It is low fat cottage cheese that's on there! ?). Luckily, I was only having a small scattering of the ready grated variety so hoping it hasn't made much difference to my weigh in!

So now I need to increase my efforts to make sure I still get a good first result.

This is my first foray into weight watchers, I have always done slimming world before so am trying to forget everything I know about that too, can be difficult when I hear a packet of past an sauce calling to me from the cupboard!

My weigh in was a real eye opener in that I was over half a stone heavier than I thought. So weighing in at 16st 3lb (3stone over my previous heaviest) my overall goal is to get to 11 stone, (Possibly 10.5 depending how I look as I tend to lose quite a lot from my face and don't want to look like death!)

As that is quite a lot to lose I want to break it down into smaller targets of 1stone losses so it doesn't get too overwhelming.

My main problem is my meals. Today for dinner I had mash (done with skimmed milk, no butter), carrots and spring greens and oxo gravy (made from veg water and thickened with a level tbsp of flour). I can't seem to come up with anything nice from the food list. I am definitely uninspired food wise.

I haven't got much cash and don't have any decent butchers so can't afford to spend a lot on meat. So I am having trouble coming up with meal ideas (especially ones my OH will eat too that are satisfying for him to save cooking two different meals!).

I know there are recipes elsewhere on here, but am having trouble seeing past bolognaise's (not keen on wholemeal pasta).

Also, I'm finding I am hungry almost straight away after meals and there's only so much fruit I can eat!! I know the food list is "unlimited" but don't feel like munching on crumpets all day is going to do me any favours ?

Any helpful hints/tips?