One of my main problems with Slimming World is not being able to eat the bread and cereal and have as many cups of tea as I want. When I read the F&H plan, it seemed like the perfect balance between the two.

On F&H I can have... let me get this right.... WW naan bread, wraps, bread, Nimble Wholegrain or Wholemeal, most types of Crumpet (I noticed some luxury types are ppoints), and all the Shredded Wheat I can eat plus unlimited Skimmed Milk.

I get about eating until you're full, I do. And I am working on this plan within that criteria.

Also - the oil... it is ambiguous as to whether they just 'recommend' that you have up to two tablespoons of healthy oil a day, and if you choose to have it, it gets pointed, or if you want it, you have it and don't point it. I had olive oil on my salad yesterday and I pointed it just in case.

Whenever I get into a diet plan I read everything inside and out, but even then, you can be confused. I do hope anyone on here who is enjoying this plan, and working it properly, can give me some insights.

Any advice thoroughly appreciated.