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Thread: Need a boost - any tips for filling and healthy?

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    Need a boost - any tips for filling and healthy?

    I am 1 stone 4lb down slowly and steadily since January but I really want to shift these next three pounds - to get me to my halfway mark and under 13 stone - by Easter. So I am going to try filling and healthy for the next couple of weeks to give it a bit of a boost - just wondered if anyone had any tips to speed things up....

    I am stocked up on bottled water, have bought some melon, strawberries and forest fruits, will be making some veg soup and plan on cutting back the carbs and polishing off the protein.... and will try and do a little more exercise.

    Any ideas? what has worked for you?

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    Hiya, here to subscribe to this as I am just starting out really and trying to do a combination of f&h and pp.

    Think where I've gone wrong before with it is gone crazy on the crumpet snacks... Crumpet plus 1/2 tsp Nutella and you only count 1 point! However this time I am not doing that and trying to keep snacks to fruit as much as poss.

    So far I am eating things like chicken, brown rice and veg. Today I'm planning on doing a spag Bol and brown pasta. Lunches have been baked potatos with tuna where you only count the mayo.

    My weigh in is Friday so will see if I've lost any!

    Will you be doing a f&h diary? Am trying to get ideas of waft else to have myself.

    Good luck x

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