I've decided to start my own food diary / blog on here to help keep myself accountable and motivated! Iím a 24yr old trainee accountant thatís had what I can only describe as an eventful year, from the ending of a long term relationship I thought Iíd be in for life, several cancer scares, an operation, changing job to dealing with very low self-esteem. Itís been rough but Iím finally at a stage now where I feel like I can put it behind me and start afresh. I have the right foundation, I have a lot of belief in myself and what I can achieve, Iím academically smart and have a promising career ahead of me, Iíve an amazing family whoíve always been incredibly supportive, once I set my mind to something Iím very determined and I usually do above and beyond what people expect from me. So now Iíve decided to put my mind to not only losing weight but gaining back control of my life and getting back on track after a bumpy year.

My first weigh in was last Tuesday and the BIG number Iíve been branded with is 12st 6.5lbs (174.5lbs). Much heavier than Iíve ever been. But you have to start somewhere and at least now I have my starting point. Iíve decided to weigh in with a weight watchers class thatís near my work (Sandyford) so I can go at lunch time. Iíve followed weight watchers before and got down to a very slim 9st 5lbs so I know it works but the problem is that I want to keep the weight off for good this time so obviously it needs to be different, it needs to be more than just counting pro-points and going to class, it needs to be a complete lifestyle change.
Iíve set myself some goals in a nice little table with some pretty colours to give me something to aim towards. Iíll put together one for exercise as well, Iíve joined a gym with some great classes so Iíve no excuses!

The idea behind the Ďthistothatí username and diary title is pretty straight forward, we all have an image of ourselves that we set out to change, for me itís the flabby belly, wobbly arms and thunder thighsÖ. We also have an image of the way we want to look (however unrealistic), toned J-Lo bum, beyonceís thighs and washboard abs . Magazines, exercise gadgets, weight loss pills and programmes all hone in on this mentality. Weíre promised a noticeable transformation just like the girl in the addÖ you know the one where they show you a before and after but they just happen to hide the before girls face so youíre not really sure if itís the same person..??

So I think that's a good enough opener for now!