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Thread: new diary willpower is very low

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    Diet: weight watchers
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    Goal Weight: 11st1lb

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    Start BMI: 31
    Current BMI: 30.8
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    new diary willpower is very low

    A bit about me 3rd time on ww and this time its worked I started may and was 14stone 1 am now 12 4 :-) now my points have gone to 27 and am really struggling lookin 4ward 2 gettin 2 know some ww champions lol xx

    B. poached egg 2
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    3 small warb bread 3

    D. Ww soup 2
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    This is my second attempt at ww started about 8ish years ago on the old points and lost close to 6 stone x managed to keep the weight off give or take a few pounds but have decided I want to finally get to goal. Want to lose around 2.5 stone. Good luck x

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    Diet: Weight Watchers
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    Start Weight: 11st4lb
    Current Weight: 9st7.5lb
    Goal Weight: 8st13.5lb
    Goal Date: July 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 28
    Current BMI: 23.6
    Goal BMI: 22.2

    Total Weight Loss: 1st10.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 0st8lb
    % Lost 15.51%
    This is my umpteenth attempt at WW lol! Lost 24lbs jan-July 2012 went from 11.4 to 9.11 at goal! Then a further few pounds to 9.8 but eventually my weight began to yo-yo... Stopped going to the gym... Started working full time as a primary teacher...! Stress central!!

    I've Managed to re do it a few times in order to get back to my goal weight as only needed to lose half a stone at most.

    This time I am going from 9.12 and I want to get down further to 9 stone before my holiday to Florida in July! So far I've been doing it for 2 weeks and I'm already down to nearly 9.8 so have exceeded my goal!

    It's all about will power and being strong! Yes, I wanna just eat a pizza or grab the last biscuit in the staff room but actually if I'm honest with myself, I'd rather buy a nice bikini or some new dresses that show off a new svelte figure!

    Not going to stop! I will reach my goal! Luckily the amazing people on this forum and ********* etc keep me sane too xx

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    BEFORE (AUG 2011) & DURING (DEC 2013)...

    7 5% 7 10% 7 15%
    Reached Goal: July 2012

    My Mini-Goals
    1. Get back down to my buffer weight of 10st 2lbs.

    2. Get below the 10st marker

    3. Get back to my gold member weight of 9st 11lbs.

    Get back to my lowest weight of 9st 8lbs.
    Get to my 9st goal.
    6. Get into the 8's

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    Diet: weight watchers
    Height: 5ft7in
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    Start Weight: 12st8lb
    Current Weight: 12st8lb
    Goal Weight: 10st0lb
    Goal Date: June 2012

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 27.6
    Current BMI: 27.6
    Goal BMI: 21.9

    Weight to Lose: 2st8lb
    % Lost 0%
    good luck!!!! u can do it!!
    track, plan n drink lots of water

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