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Thread: Elfy's Weight Watchers Journey

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    Elfy's Weight Watchers Journey

    I maybe should have started this a little earlier since I've been on WW for about a month now. Came over from Slimming World, for the one and only reason that low-point ore made food is readily available for WW, but not SW, and I don't have time to stand in the kitchen each night prepping meals (and since I live with my parents, and my dad cooks the evening meal, it was difficult to keep to plan there too!)

    I've settled into a nice little routine already - I give myself about 10 propoints during the day at work (usually a 2 pp snack on morning break, 4 for lunch (four carrs water biscuits = 2 pp plus a topping, usually the weight watchers tuna in Mayo/Tomato = 2 pp) then a bowl of Quaker Oatso Simple (3 pp for the original, 4 for the flavoured) on my afternoon break, and the rest is for my dad's meal. Any extra pp left over then become dessert....

    At the weekend when my dad is away and I'm fending for myself, it's even easier because I know exactly how many pp I'm having in the evening, so I can plan around that. I have also recently discovered the Goodness range at Tesco...... I can have pizza again! Had the pepperoni pizza tonight and only ply 8 pp- fairly small, but a large enough portion size for me. I topped it with pineapple and had a WW yoghurt for dessert. Yummy!

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    good plan
    and good luck!!

    what meals does ur dad tend to cook, as u could try and work it out just to make sure ur not under using ur points!!

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