Hello :-)

So I've been on s&s for a bit, lost 3st 6lbs to get into a bridesmaid dress... Long saga but the wedding is in 9 weeks and if like to lose a little more before then but too many social bits coming up.. Hen do etc to stick to s&s properly!

So here I go..

I am going to do simple start but with 49 points rather than choosing from the list of treats.

Today so far I've had 2 warburton thins with 2 tbsp of peanut butter and a banana and skimmed milk in my tea. So 5 points.

I wasn't at home so not very organised hence the peanut butter and not got anything with me for lunch but I'll maybe nip to subway and grab a salad at lunch.

I will check back in later... Have a great day :-)