Good Evening..

Where to start.. My names Sammie I am 27 years old. I have been on and off of diets since 2012.
In 2012 I joined Weight Watchers as I was getting married in 2013, I joined with my bridesmaid and one of my best friends. we went to a meeting every Thursday. I lost over 3 stone in 10 months I was SO happy! After my wedding which was one of the best days I piled all the weight back on .
In November 2013 I decided to join Slimming World to in December find out I was pregnant with our second baby! I carried on to lose a stone but stopped going as I dint want to get wrapped up in losing weight instead of enjoying my pregnancy!

I am now a very proud mother of 2 children Lucas who is 5 in November and Emily who was born on the 11th August this year. I have always been big..maybe size 14/16 but since having Lucas the weight has been on and off all the time! When I lose weight the feeling is amazing which it is for everyone!
I have been saying to Carl (my Husband) for a while when Emily is born im off bk to weight watchers and now the time has finally come! I was going to go to a meeting but the nearest meeting to me I wont get to in time with having to take Lucas to school so tonight I have registered to do Weight Watchers Online. I have paid for 3 months upfront and have also brought some Weight Watcher scales today from Argos this afternoon!

I have weighed myself this evening and even tho I am 7lb lighter from the start of my pregnancy with Emily I am still prob at my start weight of weight watchers in 2012 so im back at the beginning ! I never want to be this big again!
I have been to stock up on winter clothes today and got some lovely bits from simply be and even tho im chuffed with the bits I got I wanna jus b able 2 walk into primark ect and easily find my size and be happy!!

So my weigh in day is every Monday. I will weigh myself every Monday morning!

Enough of all this chatting I hope some of you lovely people can join me on my journey!