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Thread: Bernie's Weightloss Adventure (!!!)

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    Bernie's Weightloss Adventure (!!!)

    Hello everyone, I am Bernie, just turned 45 and started weight watchers on Saturday. I have been trying different diets, losing 7lbs putting it back on, you know the story. Anyway, my husband and I have booked 3 exciting trips for this year and we are determined to loose weight and look great for them. We both weighed in on sat (doing the online plan as we both work away/long hours) which suits us to a t. My comfortable weight is 9 stone which I maintained up until a couple of years ago then it started going on slowly but surely. So I have 28lbs to loose and would love some friends on minimins to share my journey eight me. Also for support, to share recipes, how we are feeling Nd any highs and lows. Will post food diary daily if I can.

    Please subscribe xxx

    Todays Food Plan - Filling & Healthy

    No breakfast but 20 mins on cross trainer (Omg was breathing out my bum)


    2 x ww bread
    2 x poached eggs
    1 x baked beans pot
    sugar free jelly


    Baked Potato & Beans


    Crumpet with Banana

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    Hello Bernie! Can I subscribe please? How's it going? Not done F&H before, I'm tempted. I'm on week 1 of pro points online x
    Starting weight 14st7lb (9 months pregnant) November 2012
    13 stone - done
    12 stone - done .. Started WW online at the end of March 2012
    11 st 7lb - (nearly done)
    11 stone -
    10 st 7lb - GOAL (by September 2012)
    10 stone - even better GOAL

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    Goal Date: soon...please!

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    I don't know what the h5ll it means but love that saying lol.x

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