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Thread: New girl!!

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    New girl!!

    Hi everyone. Im liz, im 28 and from ireland. I've finally done it and started weightwatchers!! Have piled on weight since having my 2 boys and it's time to get rid of it!! Started last Friday 6th and am finding it ok so far!!

    It's a real eye opener to how much crap I ate before, and have realised that I would just eat out of boredom rather than hunger, so it will be a challenge to break the bad habits but it has to be done!!

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    Hi Liz, Welcome to the forum.
    Great that you have decided to get things under control and at your young age it will help such a lot with your health in later years.
    It's a case of "join the club" when it comes to the boredom bit and so easy to eat all sorts of junk for any reason whatsoever!
    My daughter did really well on WW and has reached her goal weight too.
    Wish you all success in your endeavours...

    p.s. Do get your own diary up and running a.s.a.p. it's a great way to let everyone know where you are and how you are doing from day to day.

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    welcome along Liz. really makes you realise all the extra calories you consume each day doesnt it!

    hope you enjoy ww!

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