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Thread: Fitness DVDs/Workout Routines help

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    Question Fitness DVDs/Workout Routines help

    Hi there!

    I am looking to follow a workout routine at home alongside WW. When I first did WW I was going to the gym etc but as I am saving for a holiday now, and money is a bit tighter, I will have to make do with home!

    I have JM's 30 day shred DVD... and got to Level 2 last year... but if I'm honest it's quite boring to hear her repeating the SAME things again so am reluctant to get it out (even though I know it's a good one as I ached for ages afterwards and I've seen great before and after photos online!)

    I was tempted to just get some HIIT moves from youtube and create my own workout... but there's something quite exciting about following a routine (like 30DS) that has a specific end-date at least 1st time round!

    Is anyone currently/has anyone completed anything like P90X or Insanity or T25?? Would you recommend them and be able to tell me more about them ie. duration, results, equipment, space (i like in a 1st floor flat!).

    Many thanks!
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    I do the 30DS every one and again, find it very good, i just switch off the voice so dont have to listen to her lol. Also heard good reports about the Josie Gibson one but never tried them myself
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    I really need to attempt 30DS again! Time to fish those weights out I think!
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