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Thread: WW while on holiday / camping

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    WW while on holiday / camping

    hi everyone

    Just started WW (pro points) gain for the 3rd time. Ive been following it for a week today and already lost 2lb so I'm pleased! Hope this keeps up. Anyway I'm due some time off from work soon and I think my hubby and I are going to go on a wee hol. I'm a bit concerned that it'll affect my ability to point everything I eat or even give me a fairly good idea of points so at last I can stay within limits. I dont want to set myself back at all nevermind this early. Any thoughts on how others have done this including when away camping would be appreciated.

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    Diet: Weight Watchers
    Height: 5ft0in
    Start Date: 05/09/2012
    Start Weight: 19st10lb
    Current Weight: 13st1lb
    Goal Weight: 9st9lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 53.9
    Current BMI: 35.7
    Goal BMI: 26.4

    Total Weight Loss: 6st9lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st6lb
    % Lost 33.7%
    I am going camping on Friday and I am taking my scales with me, my pedometer with my intention of doing lots of walking and earning activity points. We are also planning on going swimming so I will earn activity points doing that also.
    I am also planning on eating breakfast (We've got a cooker with a grill so can have crumpets/toast and we are even planning on doing a mini cooked breakfast) and lunch (we've picked up some like pot noodle thing from asda that are like 6/7pp per pot) everyday and dinner in the tent once (cornbeef hash is our planned meal for that day) and eating out twice. I am hoping to pick sensible meals when we do eat out. I also plan on drinking water/green tea in the tent and diet coke in the club (we dont drink alcohol so thats not a temptation for me).
    Do you have the weight watchers app on your phone? I find this a lot more helpful and handy then the eating out guide as I always have my phone on me and can look propoints values up using my phone and it looks less obvious than whipping out an eating out guide.
    I will also add... this is our first camping trip so I have no idea how well it'll go lol
    Start weight :- 19st10lb Current weight:- 13st1lb (93lb total loss)

    Mini Goals..

    Loose 90lbs - Done - 09/07/2014
    Loose 6.5st - Done - 09/07/2014
    Loose 95lbs
    Loose 7st
    Get 100lb loss certificate !!

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    thanks for replying and just noticed your stats, well done on the weight loss! you must be feeling really chuffed. Where roughly are you planning to go camping? Hope the weathers good for you, makes all the difference. Love a wee camping trip

    I dont have the app nope, not paying any weight watchers fees this time, just following it myself. Your plans for eating when you're away sound good to me. Not sure how many if any actual campsites we'll be staying on which makes it slightly trickier with eating but my husbands really supportive which helps a lot. We both drink which obviously adds to the overall points but gonna try and be sensible when were away although it will be our first proper holiday this yeah. Hopefully I'll be more active when we're away too which will help. Hope you enjoy your holiday

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