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Thread: Best freezer bags for soup?

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    Best freezer bags for soup?


    As the title says what freezer bags have folk found to be the best ones to freeze soup? Ones I have tried I the past have been flimsy. I have a tiny freezer so cant use Tupperware. Any suggestions is appreciated!

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    Hi, I've used Sainsburys small zip lock freezer bags and found them to be good!
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    Hi, if you have a Home Bargains in your area, you can get 'tip and zip' bags from there which are specially made for soup. They stand up as well! They're about 1 for a box of 8 and they're a good size. I swear by them!
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    Agree with Rollerbird - these are what I use, the fact that they stand up is very handy too!!
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    I use containers, but if they contain a meals worth, they are not very full, so finding a bag like that would be great. Will search online for them.
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