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Thread: Low point Weight watchers meal ideas

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    Low point Weight watchers meal ideas

    Hi does anyone have any low point meal ideas. I've never been one for cooking and seem to just opt for weight watchers meals. Really want to give weight watchers a go as my weight just keeps going up and down, more up recently.

    I know I can't live on weight watchers Meals forever, so any ideas would be much appreciated xx

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    Lots of options you could have. Stir frys are low just point whatever meat you put in them and the rice/noodels. Chicken is low in terms of meat and fillet steak is not bad either. you could make up lasagne's, fish pie, cottage pie etc. If you are making your own version of these they work out low enough in points and you can bulk them up with veg.
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    Jacket potatoes

    Tuna pasta

    Chicken hotpot

    Chicken wraps with loads of salad

    Stir fry


    Omelette and home made chips

    Ham egg and homemade chips

    Roast dinner with loads of veg

    0pp home made veg soup

    A full English cooked in fry light

    Bangers and mash

    More then welcome to have a look at my diary Hun I'm on 26pp a day and always make sure I have a proper dinner ! Xx
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    Stir fry is always good! The veg is 0pp. Skinless chicken breast is reasonable points wise. Make sure you buy Fry Light which is very low in calories (1 calorie per spray) compared to other oils. You can have rice noodles which are lower in points than egg noodles.

    I also have things like shepherds/cottage pie. Buy extra lean mince as it's lower in points.

    Fish is very low in points. My mum makes a fish pie with a low fat mushroom (or white) sauce with mashed potato on the top.

    You can buy dusted Basa fillets which are GORGEOUS and 7pp each. I think they are by Young's.

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    Fanta chicken - lush

    I use ww meals and bulk them out with veg also
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    Get below 10st
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    Do ALL of the above by 1st April 14

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    Thanks a lot everyone for all the ideas. Wow there's a lot of meals to choose from that I hadn't even thought about xx

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