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Thread: Simple salad points calculation question

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    Simple salad points calculation question

    I know you are supposed to count an entire recipe's nutritional value when calculating points and not just count the zero points items as zero. But what if there is just one non-zero item added.

    In particular, I was going to make a lunch salad:

    1. Cucumber
    2. Tomato
    3. Mushrooms
    4. On can of non-oil tuna

    The small 70 g can of tuna (which only has 49 calories by the way) calculates out to 1 point plus (I see you use ProPoints here - I guess it's basically the same?).

    Is it reasonable to therefore say the salad is a 1 point salad?

    One followup question: 2 T of non oil dressing (4 cal per T) is zero points, isn't it?



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    Hi Doug
    Yes, thats how ive been pointing as well.
    Obviously, the cucumber, toms an mushrooms have calories but they're not pointed, I believe its because WW want us to eat more of them so they make it more conductive to add a few portions to every meal. It doesn't mean you can live off them entirely but as they are healthy additions to any meal its worth promoting them.
    As there are no half points in Pro Points (points plus) it kinda evens out as some pointed items could be closer to the bottom end of a point weight and others nearer the top so the odd calories from the veg and dressing dont make a huge difference.

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