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Thread: Help homebrew pp?

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    Help homebrew pp?

    Hi ,
    Please any help much appreciated.

    I've made a few demi-johns of homemade cider ( fresh apples-juiced and left to ferment with sprinkle of yeast), tastes very drinkable but I have no idea how to work out the propoints for it.

    I've read all the pp for shop bought cider but as I have no added sugar how do I compare?

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    hiya funnily enough i had the same prob and my hubby worked it out for me. what kinda juice do you use? not sure if it makes a difference but i use the lidl solevita stuff. the's worked out for me how many pp is it and ours works out usually at 2pp for a pint but ive just asked him if he can remember how he did it and he cant! homebrew is really tasty and far less point tastic than all the sugar laden shop ones.sorry im not being more helpful. if / when he remembers i'll let you know

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