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Thread: how to salvage the remainder of a week...

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    Diet: Cambridge Weight Plan
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    how to salvage the remainder of a week...

    hi guys. haven't had an amazing weekend. used all my 49 points and went a bit over. any advice on how to salvage the next three days? weigh in is on thursday xx


    Goal 1- to get back down to 15's
    Goal 2- to get down to 14's
    Goal 3- to get down to 14st
    Goal 4- to get down to 13st 7
    Goal 5- to get down to 13st
    Goal 6- to get down to 12st 7
    Goal 7- to get down to 12st
    Goal 8- to reach ultimate goal of 11 stone

    Weigh in Thursday 15th May- 16 stone
    Weigh in Thursday 22nd May- 15 stone 10 lbs

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    Goal BMI: 24.8

    Total Weight Loss: 0st5lb
    Weight to Lose: 4st2lb
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    Get as much activity in as you can. Walk wherever poss, squats in the kitchen while waiting for dinner to cook, etc.

    And food wise I guess try and stick to simple start as much as poss, no processed food, go for lean proteins and veg.

    Hope its not so bad on Thursday!

    Mini Goal 1: Into the 15
    Mini Goal 2: A stone (15st 7lb)
    Mini Goal 3: Into the 14s
    Mini goal 4: 2 stone (14st 7lb)

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