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Thread: No more messing about!

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    No more messing about!

    Hi, this is about my millionth attempt to finally loose this baby weight (if I can still blame it on my almost 2 year old!). I really need to be successful this time.

    I've been trying to loose the 4 stone I put on during my pregnancy since my little one was 6 weeks old and I recon I probably have lost it all - 5 times over though and put a lot of it back on again each time!

    Currently I have around 2 stone left to loose and feel totally miserable and very disappointed in myself. I have tried every diet under the sun but have decided to go back to weight watchers as it has worked for me in the past. I am embarrassed to return to my meeting to be honest as I have left and returned so many times since I joined last April. I'm going to suck it up though and return on Thursday evening to try and get back on track.

    It's been around a month since I was last there and in that time I think I have put on around 5 pounds. I want to try and limit the damage before the meeting so I am back on it from today.

    I think my downfall has definitely been lack of motivation and support so I have joined this forum and hope it will help in those areas. Any fellow dieters who can relate to this post and offer advice and support will be much appreciated. I need to do it this time. For my own sanity if nothing else!

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    I can definitely relate with you here. I haven't been going to meetings recently either. My excuse has been that I can't fit them in around work! I will definitely be returning on next week though, and will aim to start attending the meetings regularly.

    I hope that you went to your meeting on Thursday! If not, then my advice is just suck it up and go back. No one at you meeting should care if you've put on 5 lbs. They've probably all done it before themselves. In fact, the only person that needs to know is your leader, and if they are any good at their job, they won't judge you for a relatively small weight gain. I say well done for not gaining more than you have! Just don't let it spiral any further now that you have acknowledged the mistake.

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    Seriously !!!!!

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    hi there welcome and don't worry about going back to class as ashleighjane said your leader should be descreeet and not judge as i'm sure a lot of people have been your position if you need any help im here to help you in aany way i can xx

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