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Thread: My experiment

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    My experiment

    I decided to do an experiment as i swap between ww and sw quite a lot!! I did sw from the 1st of jan to yesterday and lost 3.5 lb!!! Not much eh, I was quite disappointed. Now I am on ww religiously until the end of feb, I will use my 49 points and I am sticking to 29 per day as that works for me. I am quite a slow loser anyway, but I do hope I lose more than 3.5 lb, wish me luck xx

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    Good luck ! Even at the rate that you lost in January it would equate to 42 pounds over the year..that is 3 stone ! well done on your losses so far

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    Never thought of it like that, thanks

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    Total Weight Loss: 1st2lb
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    Good luck with it . Remember your loss in your first week may be either big or small as your body will have to get use to the change in diet. The idea of a month is good in the short term but will be difficult on your body if you often change. After Feb, will you be choosing what diet to follow long term?
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