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    Night worker

    Hi I work long days and nights. When I work days I'm fine but then when I work nights everything goes out the window. Does anyone have any tips on working nights? Thanks

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    I worked shifts prior to going on maternity leave and did also find it difficult. A lot depends on the type of work you do. If its anything like my job and there's plenty of opportunity to pick at food then my suggestion would be to plan a menu for the week ahead. Leave points to cover any snacks and stock up on low point snacks and food for when on nights. I found things like home made soup a big help on nights as it can be filling and not harm the diet too much. Planning your food is key i think esp with shifts. As i don't know what type of work you do it is more difficult to give specific tips but hopefully this helps a little x
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    I work nights too (working tonight in fact!) I tend to take snacks with me and having my main meal before I leave for work. I don't like to eat anything too heavy on nights as it makes me sleepy! So I've just had my dinner and then I'll take some fruit and crudités with me to munch on throughout the night.

    I'm quite good in that I'm not tempted by treats and such like that get thrown around the office. I eat what I've got with me and that's it. I know some people don't find it as easy as that.

    Perhaps take some cuppa soups or mugshots? I find them quite filling but not too heavy
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