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Thread: Your luxuries

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    Your luxuries

    For my final stone I've decided that I'm no longer buying substitute low fat alternatives. My days are luxury but just in moderation. Before I would have the low fat alternatives just to save points but I wouldn't truly enjoy them. Or have them just so I could more. This year I'm trying to accept that little and better quality is what matters so...

    I thought it might be a good idea (if people agree and wanted to) post their luxury items with points so if anyone fancied something they could come and get some ideas.

    For me my luxury items are

    Kettle crisps - 30g portion is 4pp
    Galaxy Riple - full size is 5pp
    Galaxy Hot Chocolate - per serving 4pp
    Ben and Jerry Baked Alska - 100g is 4pp
    Muller corner yogurt - between 4 & 5pp
    Fox's Jam sandwich creams x2 are 4pp
    Millies Cookies - each 5pp
    Krispy Kreme original doughnut - each 6

    There will be more no doubt ha ha...

    So come guys and gals tell us all x

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    It's not quite same but I loath low far cheese.

    A very small amount of strong cheddar or Parmesan in cooking is loads better than more if the rubber stuff that tastes of nothing

    from fat to skinny jeans

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    quavers - 2
    options hot choc - 1
    curly wurly - 3

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    I hate low fat products, mainly because they use thickeners which give it a gross texture and they sub the fat for sugar to make it palatable, which is no better for you than fat. In fact, I would argue that it's worse.
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    I hate low fat salad cream. I'd rather have none.

    I generally do eat lighter options just to save points but think your idea is good. Especially when almost at goal why would we want to continue eating low fat rubbish, getting used to having less is probably good for being able to maintain weight loss for the long term.


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    I've def eaten things that weren't so nice in the past just because they were lower points

    Now il eat muller Greek corners 4pp instead of the weight watcher yoghurts or muller lights

    I used to go for curly wyrlys as they were lower point but I'd rather have a chocolate bar I can bite into properly lol

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