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Thread: Hi I am new

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    Hi I am new

    I joined weight watchers a couple of weeks ago but sadly can't afford to keep going to meetings So going to do it from home with the help of you guys
    I ve lost half a stone already But need to loose another stone and half My goal is to loose this by 23rd May (holiday)
    my baby is 1 in a couple of weeks so I can't use the excuses of just having a baby anymore plus I am 40 with a under active thyroid so I only have to look at food to put weight on!!!
    so I am looking for great meal ideas and lots of support!!!!
    i am ALWAYS hungry So dieting is very tough for me and I don't loose weight easily although I started running in September so I run every other day, hopefully that will help,
    looking toward to get to know you all, good luck guys

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    hello there! I am not currently very active in this forum, but i am planning to be really soon!
    Welcome! I would love to be able to go to meetings as well but there aren't any in my country. well, I wish you luck
    with the rest of your journey. as they say, when there is a will there is a way! (i think that's it)
    So i believe you can do it, now you know the plan and the rules, and there is this forum too!
    Best of luck, Athens

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    Welcome, i stopped going to meetings a couple of months ago too as couldnt afford it, with the help of Value Diary and this website im am doing good.

    You will get loads of tips and reciepes here, if you have any questions just ask

    Good luck
    Currently Pregnant due 31st March 2015 .... I'll be back

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    Goal Date: 01/06/10

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    Start BMI: 27.8
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    Goal BMI: 22.6

    Total Weight Loss: 2st4lb
    % Lost 18.6%

    Im another do it at homer!!! I grudge paying all that money for someone to weigh me when I get all the support and ideas I need on here.
    good luck with it all hun

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    Welcome, I also do weight watchers from home! I do subscribe to the online bit though, find it's easier for me. Good luck
    My weightloss diary!

    Add me on Weight Watchers - deadteddys

    * Hit 5% loss
    * Get down into the 12's
    * Loose 1 stone
    * Get down into the 11's
    * Loose 2 stone
    * Hit 11stone

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    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 43
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    Total Weight Loss: 0st2lb
    Weight to Lose: 4st1lb
    % Lost 0.94%
    Hi I'm also going to start at home just not sure which plan yet . Good luck xx

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