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Thread: Can you follow WW whilst pregnant?

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    Can you follow WW whilst pregnant?

    Hi everyone, I've recently rejoined WW after putting a bit of weight back on after my wedding/honeymoon and then Xmas on top :-)

    Had my first weigh in last week and lost 2.5lbs which I was pleased :-) I've been exercising regularly but it's been getting harder not easier and I've just found out I'm about ten weeks pregnant :-) this explains why I've been finding my usual exercise routines extra tiring!!!

    Ideally I've only got about a stone to lose but is it safe to try and lose weight whilst pregnant or even possible with not much to lose? I'm fully aware that I'm going to gain weight throughout my pregnancy but I don't want to pile it on and have tons to lose once I've had the baby! I'm eating healthily but I admit I've had a shocking weekend and I've attacked the biscuits like a mad woman today in the office at work :-(

    Any tips or suggestions would be massively welcome as this is all very new :-)

    Thankyou Xxx

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    I did ww when I was pregnant, my son is now 8 months old, I just followed the plan, ate loads fruit n veg and sometimes went a few points over...
    I would lose some weeks and maintain, I did it half way through as I was gaining weight rapid at the beginning

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    Congrats on the pregnancy

    I think 'technically' you shouldnt do it while you are pregnant but i know when i get pregnant again i will be doing it maybe increase my propoints to maintenance or maybe you could just do the filling and healthy side of the plan that way you are eating a healthier diet and not strictly counting points iykwim

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    I think maybe go up to maintenance level Hun.

    Also - I lost 1.5st with morning sickness! So don't rule that out! Lol.

    If you do get sick bad then just eat whatever you fancy. Then once it passes make healthy choices. Xxx

    Congratulations. Xxx

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