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Thread: Any other Breastfeeding Mummies out there?

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    Any other Breastfeeding Mummies out there?

    I just started WWPP this week - it's going great so far.

    Currently BFing my beautiful girl - she's 9 months old and loves her food (we're doing baby led weaning and she eats a lot most days) but she still feeds 3-5 times in the day and 2-4 times overnight.

    I've heard mixed opinions on Bfing and losing weight - some people say it falls off and others who say it came off quicker when they stopped.

    How have other mummies found it? I'm personally not looking to stop BFing any time soon - so I sure hope it comes off while I am!

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    I have stopped breastfeeding now but I breastfed my son until he self weaned at 14 months and I lost weight whilst feeding. I think as long as you are doing it safely and healthily, following something like weight watchers or slimming world, it's great

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