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Thread: Meetings or online

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    Meetings or online

    Hi everyone
    I'm just trying to get a little advice, I've been trying the diet at home myself, sticking to it a few days then going completely off track!! I was thinking maybe a meeting could give me the push I need, what are your thoughts?? Thanks.x

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    I do mine online and I know how you feel but I don't have the time to go to group (full time sudent and mother). Give the group a go and see how you feel. If you feel that it is beneficial to you just get a monthly pass so you can go to meetings and use the online resources too. Good luck with your weight loss journey x

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    I have to go to meetings otherwise I just give in I am rubbish without someone weighing me
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    I went to a meeting the last time I did WW - the leader was really lovely but it just wasn't for me. Maybe if I'd stayed for the after weigh talk it would have been different. Decided to give the online version a shot, mainly 'cos I'm online most of the day :-)

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    I can't do it without the meetings. I need the accountability of someone 'judging' me!

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    I much prefer online to classes

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    I've been doing it online for 6 months but kept going off it all the time, started going to meetings and I'm doing much better, the weight is falling off. I'd really recommend doing the meetings
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