Hi just finding it hard to get my head around f&h, some meals/days add up to more pp than I would use if I was pp. I know it's a separate plan but I don't get how we can eat more an still be able to lose weight. For example on f&h I'd maybe have 2 crumpets with an egg an beans for breakfast. I've done pp the past couple of days an decided to have that for breakfast, I ended up having only 1 crumpet to save myself the extra 3pp, I suppose I away then hungrier sooner after than I would of been had I had 2 crumpets like on f&h. I guess f&h may be more healthy as filling up more at meal times rarther and with healthy foods but can you overdo the healthy foods and what is too much, I know to eat until we're full.

I was only having small losses on f&h so decided to try pp this week but its totm in a few days do finding myself hungrier. So thought about doing some f&h days this week and maybe go back to pp after my monthly, just want to increase the losses abit to more than 1/2 pound a week as immgoing in holiday in June!

Maybe f&h is good for wen ur happy plodding along an not fussed about losing quicker or for maintaining.
Anyway I hunk switching to f&h again for a few days might be better for me than sticking with pp an then falling off the wagon, that would probably be worse. It's lovely to have the choice!

Sorry for the long rambling thread! Just trying to eat it out into words what I think about it an a little confused! Or tater finding it hard to understand but suppose web if I was having small losses then it is working an maybe I could change a couple of things like less carbs or add more veg to meals etc an may see an improvement. I'll see how I go, all
Trail an error! Thanks for reading :-)