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Thread: Feels like my last chance

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    Feels like my last chance


    I've just started WW online at the weekend. I've done WW before a couple of years back, but didn't really take it seriously. Now I am 30 and my OH and I are ttc for 8 years - unnecessary to say it wasn't successful so far. We've been referred for fertility treatment, but I can't get it until my BMI is under 30...which seems impossible to achieve at the moment. This is why it feels like my last fertility certainly won't improve when I get older.

    So, I need all the support I can get and am hoping to find it here.

    My Weight Loss Journey
    Starting Point: 31/12/2014, 117.7kg, Butt: 142cm, Boobs: 117cm, Belly: 126cm, dress size 22/24

    Week 1 - Week 7: lost 4.1kg and 16cm

    Week 8: 25/02/2015, 109.7kg, Butt: 135cm, Boobs: 112cm, Belly: 115cm - lost 3.9kg and 7cm, dress size 20

    Mini Goals:
    1. Get through the first week
    Done 07/01/2015
    2. Lose 5kg Done 11/01/2015
    3. Lose 10kg
    4. Get under 100kg

    March Target

    2015 Target

    Overall Target

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    Good luck kx

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    Good luck - I'm sure you can do this. Come and post and people will help you

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    VLCDs are notorious for increasing fertility

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    Goal Date: August 2014

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    Start BMI: 41.2
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    Total Weight Loss: 3st9lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st7lb
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    Good luck! It's never easy trying to lose weight but hopefully as you are working towards this goal it will help you to stick with it. Let us know how you get on xx

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