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Thread: fell off the wagon

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    fell off the wagon

    Evening all well I haven't been on for a while as I fell off the wagon big time, ate everything in sight and have put on loads . I don't like going to classes so I am trying it alone. Have good intentions in the morning then they fall apart by mid afternoon . is there an online class here as I feel when I answer to myself I tend to fail but I don't want to go to classes

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    ive fallen off the wagon too. you sound just like me, i set off with good intenetions, then fail at dinner, yesterday was the first day i didnt cave and got through it, so hopefully on a role again. (but feel so mad at myself for letting myself put a fair few lbs on!)

    weight watchers does online membership which you have to pay for. i just try and log on here and weight watchers community forum for inspiration, if you dont like classes, thats about the best you can do really. find something to give you a kick up the arse. my kick up with arse was feeling my wobbly bits felt more wobbly lol. and i dont like that feeling - AND ive just bought a new dress so want to feel ok in it and not frumpy like i do now.

    whats your motivation for losing weight?(mines ivf treatment this year, i just think of that and i know its for a good reason) find a goal / event / a reason.

    dont give up x good luck x

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    I was the same yesterday was perfect all day then had a curry for dinner.

    Nightmare - Why dont we hold each other accountable to each other!?

    I go to a class but I am also on here a lot.

    There are weekly wi threads & lots of challanges so why dont you join in some of them aswell.


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    I have stuck to it well since I started but had a wobble last night... a hormonal one!! Ended up going 15pp over by eating 2 small lindt bunnies... why???

    Just sit yourself down, get your meals and snacks planned and you'll know what you should be eating... the rest of it really is willpower.

    I didn't like classes the first time I did this but I found a new class and stay for the whole thing every week now and it's working. I am finding that the only thing keeping me on track (except for last night!) is knowing that someone else will be weighing me, not judgemental but making me questioning myself why I would let myself waste a week of my weight loss by overeating!

    Good luck getting back into it, it's hard! Be kind to yourself too we have all struggled and fallen spectacularly off the wagon at some point xx

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    welcome back hun
    id stick to coming on here! theres always someone there and saves u alot of money!!

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