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Thread: Alcohol!!

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    Evening all! I've been doing so well since starting ww meetings 3 weeks ago, lost 3 and a half pounds the first week, put on half a pound the second week and lost 4 and a half on the third week, on the second week I stuck to all my points but had one night out where I drank a few vodka and diet cokes but counted them in with my points, couldn't believe I put on half a pound! So anyway I have another night out on sat and I dunno what to do, I don't want to spoil a good week with drinking alcohol, it seems to spoil it even if I count it in :0( is there anything I can do? x

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    I would still have your night out and use your weeklies for the may have been another factor that caused you to put on - we have to live! I drank two nights last week (using my weeklies for my vod) and lost 5lb. Make sure that the barperson is putting diet coke in your drinks instead of full fat as well.

    Enjoy your night xx

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