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Thread: I'm back!!!

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    I'm back!!!

    well after months of trying SW i'm back here where i started, i could never get on with it i need to control my portion sizes and have a certain amount of points to stick too else i just don't know when to stop. also i love the weekly allowance, at least i can treat myself a little at the weekends.

    so here i am again day one! wish me luck, will also be starting a diary :-) X

    Mini goals:
    .lose a stone
    .get in the 12's
    .get my 5%

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    Good luck I'm sure you'll do brilliantly on WW.

    I love the portion control you get with doing Pro Points. Really makes you realise how much you actually should be eating and making healthy choices with your points so they go further.

    Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!

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    Total Weight Loss: 6st5.5lb
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    % Lost 39.08%
    good luck x

    Helen x x

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