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Thread: Plan to Follow - Pregnant

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    Plan to Follow - Pregnant

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post please be kind. I know weight watchers doesn't advise following WW while being pregnant but hear me out.

    I'm currently 28 weeks and a few days and have found out I have gestational diabetes. Which is diabetes which will remain with me for the rest of my pregnancy and then it should disappear afterwards. I have diabetes type 1 in my family so I get tested every other year, so I was fine 3 months prior to being pregnant.

    So I need to watch what I eat. The trouble is I have no willpower to do it alone and would find it better to follow a plan. My aim isn't to lose weight, but to change how I eat. I have been a shoddy eater my whole life, so even though my blood sugars were fine pre pregnancy it wouldn't do me any harm to change my eating habits. I plan on breast feeding after baby is born and I know you can follow propoints with the extra 14pp per day, so this would be something I would love to try about 2 months after baby is born to lose any weight gained during pregnancy. But for now I was thinking of following....

    Filling and Healthy Plan - Unlimited amounts of free foods, lean meats, wholemeal pasta, veg, fruit. With 49 weeklies. So my thinking is I only have (49 weeklies or 2xtreats, I can't remember the rules I will check if I decide to join) to spend on the wrong sort of food. I wouldn't be restricting myself as filling and healthy encourages you to eat until you are full and cook from fresh.

    My other option would be to follow propoints while on maintenance points.

    Or if you don't think weight watchers is a good option for the remainder of my pregnancy do any of you have any advice? It's pointless in saying cut out sugars or cut back, as I need to be following something. I know slimming world is recommended during pregnancy but I am a technology orientated person and the weight watchers app is perfect for me. I think if I was counting syns/extras in a notebook I would struggle to remember.

    Any advice?
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