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Thread: Nicola's ww diary 2014

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    Nicola's ww diary 2014

    Hi all. I have done WW in the past and got on very well with it, then i got married, got complacent and got fat
    Anyway i joined a new group last night and i am on my first day of simple start (very new to me)

    So here is todays food, hopefully im understanding and following it ok. Im aiming to drink 2 litres of water as well.

    Tuesday 24th june

    Breakie: apple, pear, banana, 2 x cups of tea with skimmed milk.

    Lunch: 2 ww tortilla wraps filled with salad and wafer thin ham.

    Dinner: lean pork loin steaks, roasted baby boiled pots and veg (done in 3 tsp of olive oil)

    Treat later is 2 x jaffa cakes with a cup of tea.

    Does this sound ok?

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    I ignored simple start and went straight on to pro points so I can't give advice on your menu, but just wanted to say good luck!! Xx

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    Hi Hun

    Sounds like a good first day. The daily allowance of healthy oil is 2 tsp.
    I like a good variety of fruit, veg & salad with my meals too so sounds like you're doing great.

    Hope this helps and good luck xxx

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